About Us

The Home Rental Centre is a licensed Real Estate Agency established to provide to the Landlord a professional & efficient Property Management service. With total focus on the task at hand we extend to the absentee owner a complete service with attention to detail.

A fully computerised office allows us immediate access to all resources and data available by membership with a variety of institutions such as The Real Estate Institute of Queensland, The Residential Tenancies Authority, Tenancy Information Centre of Australia and Barclays MIS Services. The services provided by these institutions are accessed daily by this office to ensure certain guidelines are followed and vital information is obtained, whether it be to update any changes to the ACT , seeking a prospective tenant history or to take action in the area of rent arrears.

The Home Rental Centre was established in November 1998 and our staff work together as a team to develop and fine-tune a range of systems designed to ensure a high level of continuity and effectiveness. Our service to the owner is personal and individual with communication on all decisions. We offer a high standard in our duty of care to tenants displaying respect and promptness and in turn encourage and appreciate the same.

We offer you the following information for your consideration in the management of your property and invite you to allow The Home Rental Centre to take the worry out of renting your home.